Jose Luis Pagan


Music Producer & Songwriter

Born in Argentina, Jose Luis Pagan started in the music field when he was just a child. He began playing the drums at a friend's house. Soon after, as if by magic, a guitar that was like heaven-sent came to his possession and has stayed with him since forever. It would be his first love. Jose formed his first rock band at the age of 12, with a couple of noisy neighbors, and right away started writing his first songs. His pop style was already setting a trend amongst bands of that time. In the midst of the powerful, driven rock songs, his sensitivity for great melodies was never lost. Later on, at age 17, he was part of the band "Switch" - a band that would surprise everyone with its absolutely avant-garde style for that time. Meanwhile, he was still trying to find his way into the commercial world of music when he started working as a recording assistant in Ion, a recording studio based in Buenos Aires. There he got acquainted with sound technology and professional recording. This would add another element to his music, which was that of the “professional sound”. In his early 20s he started writing and making his first musical arrangements for other artists.  Time would bring him his first small productions and collaborations with important artists of Argentina and Brazil, such as Marcela Morelo, Natalia Oreiro y Xuxa, to mention some. In 2000, he settled in the US where his career continued on the road to success collaborating with artists such as Gisselle, Innis, Ilegales, Jeniffer Peña, Christian Castro, Patricia Manterola, etc. Finally, having already found notoriety in the U.S. as a songwriter, Jose's songs have reached the top of the charts in the voices of Chayanne, Marc Anthony (Valio La Pena), Jennifer Lopez, Thalia (who recorded 7 of his best songs which have become instant hits like "Amar sin ser amada", "Un alma sentenciada" etc),  Alejandra Guzman, Yolandita Monge, Ayiti and Andres Cuervo. Nowadays, he is working on the comprehensive production of artists, finishing Sarah Lenore’s Album (recently signed to CASH MONEY RECORDS) songwriting, making arrangements and providing all of his talents and kindness to the most distinguished artists.

Jose is determined to show that the best of him is yet to come. There is still so much more to give, and he's convinced that his best song is the one he will write tomorrow…

About Jose Luis Pagan

Top of the Charts Producer And Songwriter:

Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, Thalia, Chayanne, Alejandra Guzman, Sarah Lenore, Melina Leon, Isabel Pantoja, Sergio Dalma, Cabas, KAroll Marquez, Andres Cuervo, and more...

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